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Spring is in the air :)

This happens every year…

I LOVE Spring.  The air is warmer, sweeter, and new.  Before I did landscaping, I never really paid attention to the little ques that Spring was around the corner.  I mean, I saw the Cherry and Magnolia trees, but the subtle signs…no.  In the very first plant ID class I took we learned about Red Maples.  I had no idea that they had a flower.  In fact, it is one of the first signs of Spring.  So now, everytime I’m driving about, and I see these little red flowers I get a little giddy…because, boy do I love Spring.


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Ruppert Banquet

Yesterday I made a QUICK trip up to Maryland for the annual Ruppert banquet.  Anyone who works for or knows of Ruppert Landscaping knows how wild and crazy these things can get.  Even though I’m not one of the ‘crazy’ ones, it’s fun to see everybody…and also to get dressed up!

This first series of pictures is Maria finding whoever happened to be walking down the hallway, grabbing them, and getting a picture with them.

Not a random guy…these 2 just got engaged!

Rare photo of Andy and I.  Taken by Jemelle.

Another newly engaged couple.

These next 2 taken by Maria.  Blurry?  Yes.  Capturing the emotions of the moment?  Definately.

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Yesterday I bought a pair of pink heels.  Anyone that knows me knows it takes a VERY special occasion for me to put heels on.  I live in my chacos or chucks (even though my husband says they’re ugly).  Growing up I boycotted the color pink.  I was a tomboy anyway, and pink did not fit into that.  Now that I’ve gotten older…I’ve learned to appreciate it.

So here is my ode to pink.

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Handspun Yarn

I have recently discovered the beauty and awesomeness of handspun yarn.  I learned to crochet so I could make baby props, and although I love the yarn that I buy at Hobby Lobby I wanted to venture out.  I found this beautiful yarn on Etsy.  Can’t wait to make something with it 🙂

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David–Newborn Session

Today I had the pleasure of photographing Amanda and Martin’s new baby boy, David.  I was also very fortunate  to have BOTH sets of grandparent’s and an aunt at the house.  Photoshoot for everybody!  There were SO many awesome pictures, that there is no way I can post them all.  Here are some a lot of my favorites 🙂

I was in love with David’s hair.

How awesome that they are VOL fans too!

The last picture I took.  I had already put my camera away (this ALWAYS happens), and David decided to open his eyes.  I am SOOOO glad I whipped the camera out because this is one of my favorite shots.  Seriously…I squealed after this one.

Thanks Amanda and Martin!  Congrats on the baby 🙂

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I’m blog famous!

My awesome, creative, spunky friend Hannah B. Slaughter has featured me on her blog today!  This girl is incredible.  Not only did she design the logo for MCatePhotography, but she makes all sorts of little creative trinkets.  She sews, paints, designs…I told you.  Incredible.  Visit her store on Etsy for all things fun and fastastical 🙂

Thanks Hannah!

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Today I got to take pictures of one of my favorite little models, Abby.  Abby is a little diva who just turned 2.  She loves makeup and all things girly, so I thought the perfect idea for a photoshoot would be to put her in a tutu.  While shopping for tulle for the tutu, I found the purple boa.  By far, one of the funniest shoots I’ve ever done.

As soon as we put the tutu on her she climbed onto the couch and started posing.  Told you.  D-I-V-A.

The lipstick was a HUGE hit.

Abby would constantly come sit in my lap.  The next two pictures are me holding the camera out and snapping what I could.  Sometimes photographers have to be flexible…

Yes, everyone got lipsticked.  Even the dog.

Changing Clifford’s diaper.


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