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McKenzie, Caleb, and Peyton

Today I spent the afternoon playing with following around Darin and Heather’s kids.  Darin and Heather own Metrogreenscape.  You may remember them from the Alice in Wonderland post earlier this month.  They have three children, McKenzie, Caleb, and Peyton.  I was dying to photograph them because all three have amazing blue eyes.  The day couldn’t have been more beautiful!

Darin with the girls 🙂

At first Caleb told me he wasn’t going to get his picture taken so I put on the telephoto lens to get some shots.

Landscapers get creative with their props.

These kids just look at me, and they’re cute.

Look at those teeth!

I think this sums up what it’s like trying to get a group picture with 3 kids 4 and under. 😉


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Beauty after the storm…

Charlotte made CNN last night with the crazy storms that ripped through the area.  Thankfully, Andy and I were missed by the scary ones, but we did get some thunder and heavy rain.

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Photo Wild! Megapost

Wow!  Today was unbelievable.  I went up to Huntersville to the Carolina Raptor Center for Photo Wild!  Some of these birds were at the Spring Show, and let me just say…to see these birds outside in the wild…unreal.  The day started at 7:30am, and I have to say it was a little intimidating to see all these photographers with their ridiculously priced lenses and tripods step out of their cars.  I’ve never been a fan of tripods.  I am the photographer that lays down on the ground to get a shot.  However, I realize that when you’ve got a 400mm lens…tripods are a must.  Good thing I don’t have one 😉  There is no way I could just choose a few favorites, so be prepared to look at a lot of birds of prey.  Enjoy!

This little screech owl was the cutest thing.  He was like a magnet to my camera.

This guy was hilarious!


Golden eagle.  I immediately thought of “Rescuers Down Under”. 🙂

Bald eagle!  This one was a teenager so it’s white feathers hadn’t fully grown in yet.

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New Advertising Stuff :)

My amazingly talented friend Hannah B. Slaughter has done it again!  She designed my logo and blog banner…and now she has designed some postcards and business cards for me to hand out to people.  Check em out!

Postcard front

Postcard back

Business card front

Business card back

Thanks Hannah!  I love you girl 🙂


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Your cute for the day :)

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Peyton and Friends

This week has been absolutely gorgeous here in Charlotte.  So gorgeous that I had to take advantage of the weather.  So I called my friend Gretchen and asked if she wanted some Spring pics of Peyton.  What a nice surprise when I showed up to find that I was not only photographing Peyton, but her adorable friends Mia, Kylie, and baby Addison. And…Peyton has a bunny!  I had a lot of trouble picking the ones I wanted to post, so I just chose a LOT.  🙂

How cute are these sisters?

Poor thing busted it just a few minutes before this picture was taken.

I told Peyton to give me a princess smile, and she got this close to the camera.  Sometime I’m going to have a post just on the princess poses I get.

Some mother/daughter pics.

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Maleigha and Avery

Yesterday I got to take pictures of Maleigha and Avery.  Their mother, Betsy, has done my hair for over 5 years.  I still won’t go to anyone else.  Her kids are adorable, and I was so excited when I was asked to do these 🙂

First attempt for cute dressy pics…

Maybe we’ll just have some ones of Maleigha for now…

Nothing that a lollipop can’t fix 🙂

This is what happens when lollipops get taken away.  Even big sisters get stressed.

Solution:  Photoshop the lollipop out.

Time to play!

Sometimes left feet aren’t important to make a cute shot.

Maleigha’s princess pose.

Thanks Betsy!  I had a blast!

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