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Cloth diapered baby :)

Today I went over to Zach and Jenny’s to give them my baby present.  You probably remember Annabelle from her newborn shoot a couple weeks ago.  Well, she is now 15 days old, and just as cute as ever.  Jenny is choosing to cloth diaper Annabelle (yay!), so I gave her some prefolds, a diaper cover, and some snappies bought from Cutie Tooties in Knoxville, TN.  I think it’s impossible for me to be around a baby and not have my camera, so an impromtu photo session was bound to happen.

This is what a full baby looks like.  🙂

Please excuse how the cloth diaper looks.  Annabelle is tiny, and Jenny and I weren’t exactly sure  how these worked.


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Beauty and the Barn

Today I went with my good friend, Sonja, and 2 of her kids to Spratt Stables to see Beauty.  I’m getting to where I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been to this barn, but it’s becoming a regular site for a lot of my photo shoots.

The horses are called in from the fields to eat in their stalls.  They brought in a cloud of dust with them.

Washing Beauty.

Singing on the swing.

This next series I would like to call, “Ean masters the slide…sort of”

After every bath, Beauty rolls around on the ground like a giant dog.

Some incredible running pictures.

This is where I thought Beauty was going to run me over…seriously.

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Kim and Andrew–Marriage with a French Twist

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Kim and Andrew’s wedding at the Victorian Villa Inn off of Lake Wylie.  This has been my first wedding photographing it all by myself, and what an event it was.  Normally the weather in Charlotte is beautiful and sunny.  Not so much last night.  It poured the entire time.  I felt so sorry for Kim, but she just rolled with it.  About Kim…she is a hoot!  I had so much fun photographing her!  She and Andrew complement each other so well.  It just goes to show, that it doesn’t matter if the wedding goes as planned…all that matters is marrying the one you love.

The wedding had a Paris theme.  Love it.

Kim’s shoes were incredible.

Kim’s mom finally arrived after being lost for 20 minutes.  🙂

I love this picture.  This is when Kim’s dad first saw her in her dress.

My inner geek came out once I saw the groom’s cake.  It’s from Star Wars when Han Solo is frozen in carbonite.  Princess Leia says, “I love you”, and Han Solo replies, “I know”.  Yes, I can quote the movie.  Don’t judge me.

Congratulations Kim and Andrew!  I wish you a happy marriage!  🙂


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Kim and Andrew–Sneak Peak

More to come!

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Stay Tuned!

Today is an exciting day…I’ll be shooting a wedding!  Stay tuned for pictures 🙂

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Annabelle–Newborn Session

Today I got to finally meet and photograph baby Annabelle.  Jenny was one of the cutest pregnant women I’ve ever seen, and I had an absolute blast doing her maternity shoot back in March.  Once again, it is amazing being able to photograph a pregnant woman, and then photograph what’s been hiding in her belly!  Annabelle is this dainty little 6 lb thing.  She was either wide awake or sound asleep, which made photographing her pretty easy.  Congrats Jenny and Zach!

Look at that eye contact!


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Mary Anne and Joel–Just Because

I was super excited when one of my closest friends, Mary Anne, and her husband, Joel, decided to come down to the beach with us.  It’s been way too long since I’ve seen her.  Once she said they were for sure coming down I asked if she wanted some cute couple pictures of  her and Joel.  We took advantage of the beautiful scenery in downtown Charleston, and it could not have been a more beautiful day.  It doesn’t hurt that these two are crazy photogenic.


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