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Last night was the dress rehearsal for Eddie Mabry Talent.  Two of Sonja’s daughters are dancers in the show, and Sonja asked me to photograph this as soon as I got my camera.  I took ballet when I was 4, and let’s just say I didn’t get my rythmn until much later in life.  Even though it was absolutely crazy backstage, a part of me hopes that if Andy and I have a daughter, that she’ll be a dancer…or at least try it for a year like I did.  🙂

Getting ready…

Quick practice

Ta Da!  B-e-a-utiful!

On to the show!


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Dance!–sneak peak

More to come!

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This weekend my cousins from middle Tennessee came into Maryville to visit with family.  Jennifer has been asking me to photograph her two kids for months now, and Mandy just got married to Chris…in VEGAS…so this seemed like the perfect time for a huge photo shoot.

I forgot how much fun honeysuckle is!

Now for some of the newly married Regen family.  🙂  Starting with Keaton…

Wardrobe change for Kate.

I love this picture of Beau.

Mandy wanted some ‘non posed’ group pictures…well I’ve never done that with such a large group, so I just had them stand there and start interacting.  Mandy got left out at first 😦

Thanks guys, this was a blast!  I love you!


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Happy Birthday to my Man!

Today is my husband’s 32nd birthday!  I asked him this morning what kind of cake he wanted, and he said “one of your cakes…no…a red velvet cake.”  “My cake” is actually a recipe from one of my best friend’s growing up mom, Patty.  I called them “Patty Cakes”, and they are incredible!  Well, because I am an awesome wife and because Andy deserves it, I made both!

It’s a birthday jump!…taken by the birthday boy.

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Annabelle is 1 month old!

Tonight Zach, Jenny, and Annabelle came over for a cookout.  It’s hard to believe Annabelle is already a month old!

Little piggies 🙂

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Erin and Justin–Engagement Party

After Erin and Justin’s engagement shoot, it was party time!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the night.

Favorite picture of the night.  🙂

And the dessert shot signals the end of my job…

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Erin and Justin–Engagement Session

This is why I love photography.  Erin and I played T-ball together 20 years ago (yeah, I feel really old), and now I will be photographing her wedding in July.  By the looks of these engagement photos, it will be an incredible and beautiful wedding.  These two are a hoot together.  Watching them interact was a treat!  Justin was always making these silly faces, and then to get Erin’s reaction to them.  But among the funny faces…their overwhelming love for each other was apparent.  I cannot wait for July!

Right after we were told to watch for snakes…great!

I had them do a LOT of kissing photos…hey, it’s what engaged people are supposed to do!

Look at Justin’s face…what a grin!

Erin’s hot pink toes!

This next series is where I wanted Justin in the background of the picture.  I told him to stand in the distance, and this is what I got.

There we go!

People seem to forget…I am ALWAYS taking pictures.  🙂


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