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Outer Banks fun!–Megapost

A couple weeks ago I got to travel to the Outer Banks to do a couple photo shoots for some Maryland clients.  What a neat place!  I’ve never been there before, and I can see the appeal.  I felt like I was out in the middle of the ocean, driving along this narrow strip of beach.  I photographed the Eveleth and Pollock familes, and let me just say…these kids are a hoot!  I had a blast enjoying the quick beach trip and meeting new people.  🙂

We started out with some nice family pictures.

Typical Toby.

Okay…enough with the pictures.


Like father, like daughter.  😉

This baby had the cutest expressions.

Toby was extremely busy finding shells.


Check out the jean diaper.

Thanks to the Eveleth and Pollock families…I had a blast!



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Anna Lauren–maternity

Anna Lauren may have the smallest 7 month pregnant belly I’ve ever seen.  She is a dance teacher for Eddie Mabry Talent in Fort Mill, where Sonja’s daughters take classes.  When I found out she was pregnant I knew I had to photograph her.  Especially when I found out that she teaches pointe.  This might have been the quickest shoot I’ve ever done, but it was worth it.  How many pregnant women do you know that can do what she can?!  I mean, seriously.  Anna Lauren, you are beautiful, and I can’t wait to meet your little dance girl.  🙂

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Erin + Justin–the reception

Erin and Justin did things a little different with their wedding festivities.  They had a morning wedding, then had a nice long break until their reception started in the early evening.  And what a reception it was!  Lots of bright colors, complete with a candy bar!  It was beautiful.  I had so much fun watching everyone celebrate the marriage of two people completely in love.  Thanks for letting me be a part of this, Erin and Justin!

The candy bar!

Okay, one more candy bar picture.

Erin and Justin arrive in an awesome Camaro!

After their first dance I grabbed Erin and Justin for some pics with the Camaro.

My favorite!

I love everything about this picture.

Erin’s dad got the party started.


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Erin + Justin

A couple weekends ago I had the absolute pleasure to photograph Erin and Justin’s wedding.  I had a blast doing their engagement shoot back in May so I knew this would be fun.  They were married at Erin’s parents’ farm in Rockford, TN.  I hadn’t been there in probably 20 years.  I think the last time I was there I  had strep throat, but I ignored it until Pat figured it out and called my mom.  I remember Erin being mad at me for leaving.  Aaaahhhhh, memories.


Erin and Justin’s wedding was one of the most beautiful wedding’s I’ve ever attended.  Her flowers were amazing, and don’t even get me started about the candy bar at the reception (pictures to come).  It was a day full of emotions, and I think the pictures show.  Enjoy!

When I arrived, Erin was drying her hair with the most ridiculous contraption I’ve ever seen.  She didn’t want me to take pictures of it, so I settled with her feet.

I promise, I was just photographing the cat.  😉

Sometimes, brides need a little help.

I told them to act natural.  This is what I got.

About to start!

Nice face, Justin.

And nice faces from the groomsmen.

Just married!

Silly group picture #1

and #2

American Gothic

Congratulations Erin and Justin!  Look for the reception photos soon!

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Surprise! It’s a boy!–sneak peak!

More to come!

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Brian and Susanna–Sneak Peak!

More to come!

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Erica and William–sneak peak!

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