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Caroline and Fletcher

A few weeks ago I photographed Caroline and Fletcher (and their parents) for some Christmas pictures.  What a couple of cuties!  Caroline is in my mom’s preschool class and just adorable.  Check out her dimples!  Fletcher is a character.  I’ve never seen a little toddler able to sit still and hold a smile for a camera like he did.  I know my parents were lucky to get any pictures of me, and half of them are either me running away or putting my dress over my head.  😉

I think this one is the winner.

Mother and daughter.  🙂

Caroline wanted a picture with the planter she made.


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Part 3 of the Lindsey pregnacy project.  I am having so much fun with this girl!  She has one of the most perfect, round pregnant bellies I have ever seen.  And I don’t mean round as a bad thing either (trust me, as pregnant woman, the last thing we want to be called is round).  I mean that it’s just the perfect round shape…beautiful to photograph.  Her and her husband, Wathek, have so much love and chemistry they were a joy to photograph.  Next stop…a beautiful baby boy!

Lindsey chose a great location!  The Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont, NC.

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Jacob and Aimee–Engagement

Holy cow my little brother is getting married!  It’s hard to believe that in May he will be a married man, but he couldn’t have picked a better bride.  Aimee is a perfect addition to our family, and you can just see the love the two have for one another.  A few weeks ago, they made the trip to Charlotte so we could do engagement pictures.  We did some classy shots in Uptown, then went down to Rock Hill for some more relaxed pics.  I had so much fun…these two are both characters!

I love my brother’s face in this picture.


Aimee can be so serious…

but only for one picture.

This was my ‘test’ shot…

Congrats Jacob and Aimee!


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Caroline–newborn–sneak peak!

More to come!

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Caroline and Fletcher–sneak peak!

More to come!

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Annabelle–6 months

I cannot believe how time flies.  It seems like last week I was doing Annabelle’s newborn session.  Now she’s 6 months old and so adorable.  She has the cutest personality and an even cuter smile.  I’m not sure what it is, though, but I don’t seem to have much luck with 6 month sessions.  These babies will be smiling and smiling until I get the camera out, and then it’s like pulling teeth.  We were lucky enough to get a few smiles before she had had enough.  🙂

She lit up when Zach came home.



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The Bledsoe Family

It seems like lately I’m having more and more high school reunions.  The last post was with Erin, and this one is the Bledsoe family.  Brooke and I have known each other since 1st grade (her mom was my teacher for three years).  When I look back at ‘kid’ Brooke, I think of her with LONG blonde hair pulled back in a braided pony tail.  Brooke, did I ever tell you how jealous I was of your hair?  Hah!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I photographed the entire Bledsoe family…which isnt’ all Bledsoe anymore.  Brooke has been married for five years, and her and her husband recently built a new house.  They have lots of land, which made for some great pictures.  🙂

We started out with some ‘posed’ pictures on the front porch.

Then we moved into the field…let the fun begin.

This one was really hard for them.  Did anyone know the sun is extremely blinding?

Now some pictures of Brooke and Nathan.  🙂

I had a lot of fun with textures.

Look at that house!


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