Erin + Wes

I had so much fun shooting this wedding.  I went to high school with Erin…and when you go to a school like Alcoa you don’t just go to high school with somebody…you grow up with them.  I have known Erin for YEARS, and I am so fortunate to have been the photographer at her wedding.  Erin has a fun-loving, happy spirit that is contagious.  She’s always smiling, and watching her facial expressions throughout the day was priceless.  She couldn’t have found a better guy either.  I’ve only met Wes a couple of times, but you can see the love he has for Erin radiating from his heart.  These two really are a match made in heaven.

Watch Erin’s facial expressions as her flowers arrive…priceless.

These guys were a hoot!

And the girls weren’t boring either…

Nice face, Erin…classy.

Before the ceremony the girls waited in the gym.  It was dark except for light streaming through the stained glass windows.  These are some of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever taken.

Wes’s face as Erin was walking down the aisle…see the love?

Get it, girl.

The beautiful bridal party

Check out the ring bearer…little man knows how to pose.

Once again…Erin’s face…priceless.

I was really into the ring shots.

Congrats Erin and Wes!


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One response to “Erin + Wes

  1. Terry Shamblin

    Beautiful bride! Beautiful wedding! Congratulations Erin and Wes!
    Terry Shamblin

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