The Wright family

Meet the Wright family!  Betsy has been doing my hair for years…and even though I live in Charlotte, I still only go to her.  Bless her heart…she has to deal with my split ends and box dyed thick hair.  I can remember when she was pregnant with Maleigha…and I remember getting my hair cut at her house and rinsing my hair out in her kitchen sink.  I remember when Avery was born and how I hated when she was on maternity leave.  I love watching her little family grow…and I especially love photographing them!  Seriously, she and Casey have the cutest babies!


Avery was a little distracted by the fish.

 I love Avery’s facial expressions in these…what a little goofball.

Maleigha LOVES the camera.

Casey was trying to get Avery to smile, and by doing so Avery started to mimic him.  We couldn’t stop laughing.

Betsy had seen a picture like this and wanted to try and recreate it.  Maleigha loved sticking her tongue out and kept asking to see the picture…love these kiddos.

This is just dreamy…

Thanks Wright family…I had a blast!

*Every single one of these pictures was taken with Charley in her Ergo carrier…this thing is incredible!*


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