Read about me!

I am what I call ‘Creative A.D.D’. I love creating art, but I tend to get    bored with one thing, which leads to discovering new endeavors. By day I am a landscape designer, but by night(or by weekends) I am a photographer. I shoot more of a documentary style, capturing those raw moments that aren’t posed. Lifestyle, engagement, wedding, and maternity are what I love, but if you have other ideas I am open-minded. Interested? Shoot me an email:


3 responses to “Read about me!

  1. Nancy Brown

    Martha Cate…….would you be the Shamlin’s daughter?
    Not sure.

  2. Yep…maiden name Shamblin 🙂

  3. christy buchanan

    Hi Martha Cate,

    I was curious when you would be back in the Maryville area? Your mom gave me your info because we were wanting to have some Christmas photos made (for Christmas Cards / gifts to give). My home number is 865-380-5670.

    Thank you!


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