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This past weekend I got to go behind the scenes at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, MD.  One of my favorite photography clients, Amy, works there, and I asked if I could get a ‘VIP’ pass.  I was thinking maybe I’d just a little closer than most people.  I had no idea how up close and personal I would be.  I mean…I got to pet a penguin!  Thank you so much, Amy!  I had a blast!

Look, it’s a screech owl!


The penguin I pet!  Surprisingly soft.  🙂

Amy would whip out a different animal every 5 min.  It was a surprise every time.


After Amy had to leave, I wandered around the zoo.  First animal was the Okapi.  How cool is it!

All I got of the Zebra and Rhino…



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Zoo!–sneak peak


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Okay, so I can’t really say anything as to where these ducklings are or who they’re for, but I couldn’t resist posting pictures.  I promise this will make sense tomorrow.

Wonder what was so interesting?

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Carolina Raptor Center

So imagine you’re walking through the indoor garden exhibit, and all the sudden this guy is staring at you!  Meet the stars of the Carolina Raptor Center.   This place is incredible.  They take injured birds of prey, rehabiliate them and either re-release them back into the wild or just care for them at their center.  As I was taking pictures, I learned of  Photo Wild.  This is where they shut down the center for 2 days and let photographers get a one on one session with the birds.  I’ve already signed up!  Look for images later on in March.

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The animals…

I thought I’d take this time to introduce our animals 🙂

Leo has the ‘tude.

Izzy is a sweetie and puts up with Leo (his paw around her neck).

Bela gets two pictures because she’s either sleeping…

…or in your face 🙂

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