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Beauty and the Barn

Today I went with my good friend, Sonja, and 2 of her kids to Spratt Stables to see Beauty.  I’m getting to where I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been to this barn, but it’s becoming a regular site for a lot of my photo shoots.

The horses are called in from the fields to eat in their stalls.  They brought in a cloud of dust with them.

Washing Beauty.

Singing on the swing.

This next series I would like to call, “Ean masters the slide…sort of”

After every bath, Beauty rolls around on the ground like a giant dog.

Some incredible running pictures.

This is where I thought Beauty was going to run me over…seriously.


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Snow Day at the Barn

Last night while hanging out with my good friend, Sonja…watching the snow, she had the best idea yet.  “We should go to the barn tomorrow morning, and you can take pictures of the snow!”.  GENIUS!  So we got up super early, had our morning coffee, and drove over to the barn.  It was breathtaking…so beautiful and peaceful.  I have to say, I am in love with these pictures.

Of course we had to visit Beauty.  You may remember her from the shoot I did with Hannah last December.  Click  here to see those.


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A day at the barn…

Today I got to go to the barn with Sonja and Hannah to get some shots. Let me tell you, I have been looking forward to this for as long as I’ve had my camera. I’ve been out there before, and I knew I HAD to go back and take pictures with Hannah and Beauty. Both of them were great models, and I’m sure I’ll be back to take even more!

All the horses got called into their stalls to eat. I tried to get some action shots while not getting trampled on.

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