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A day in the life of Tulip…

I’ve been wanting to take pictures of my neighbor’s dog, Tulip since I got my camera.  While I was there, Ean was being adorable so I got some shots of him too.  Both are not camera shy…at all 🙂

She’s all woman…

Tulip gives high fives!

This picture taken immediately after I told Ean how pretty he was smiling.


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Boys will be boys…

Today I got to take pictures of my nephews…what a blast! Amy asked if I would take some pictures of the boys while Andy and I were in town, and of course I said yes. Immediately I thought of putting crazy amounts of gel in their hair and just letting them go wild. We decided to do some ‘normal’ photos first…

After some cute family pictures we decided it was time for the gel.  I think Blake was really feelin it.

Gel brings out the crazy in you!

Blake at age 15.

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