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A very random day…

Yesterday started out like any other Saturday.  I had some errands to run, the first being a trip to uptown Charlotte in search of a camera flash.  I asked my neighbor, Sonja if she wanted to tag along…secretly hoping we might end up eating at Sahara, which is in Rock Hill, SC.  After 3 failed GPS attempts to find Biggs Camera, I just figured it was God’s way of telling me I didn’t need to get the flash that day.  So we decided to try and find a place in Rock Hill, which of course I knew wouldn’t happen, but we’d be near Sahara.  Imagine that.  So we had some lunch and headed back towards NC to run some more errands.  I had forgotten to get Bela’s dog food the day before so we hit PetSmart in Rock Hill.  As soon as we got out of the car I said, “Oh great…it’s a Saturday at PetSmart.”  Anyone who is a frequent shopper there knows that Saturdays are the days when they have tons of kitties and puppies for sale.  Reluctantly, we entered the store making a V-line to where the animals were held.  Instead, we found a couple with puppies and dogs in 2 shopping carts.  Apparently their animals were being evicted from their house.  I picked up one of the puppies, an English bulldog/bassett hound mix.  Seriously?!  Andy had been wanting a bulldog for months, and his bassett hound from college lives with his parents.  All I did was send Andy a picture of the puppy, and he drove down to Rock Hill to see her.  The rest is history.  We now are a 2 dog/2 cat family.  I left Saturday morning for a camera flash and came home with a puppy.  Meet Sam!

Bela has spent most of the time pouting and just staring at Sam.  I don’t think it’s hit her that she’s hear to stay.



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A day in the life of Tulip…

I’ve been wanting to take pictures of my neighbor’s dog, Tulip since I got my camera.  While I was there, Ean was being adorable so I got some shots of him too.  Both are not camera shy…at all 🙂

She’s all woman…

Tulip gives high fives!

This picture taken immediately after I told Ean how pretty he was smiling.

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