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A RARE occasion

My husband in not a fan of our cats…and to be honest, I don’t think they’re a fan of him either.  Izzie loves to lay in the middle of the couch, right where Andy sits.  Normally, all Andy has to do is approach the couch, and Izzie cries as she jumps off.  Not last night.  Andy walked up to the couch with the usual, “Izzie, I’m sorry…but that’s my spot”.  She looked at him, meowed, and stood her ground.  So Andy continues to lay down, and Izzie stays put.  THIS NEVER HAPPENS.  I have one other picture of Andy and Izzie together, and it’s from almost 3 years ago at my apartment in Knoxville.  These picures might go down in the record books.


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The animals…

I thought I’d take this time to introduce our animals 🙂

Leo has the ‘tude.

Izzy is a sweetie and puts up with Leo (his paw around her neck).

Bela gets two pictures because she’s either sleeping…

…or in your face 🙂

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