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Linwood–sneak peak

More to come!

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Man…I forgot how much I love photographing this little model.  Abby is the girl from my infamous ‘lipstick shoot’.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since that shoot, and now Abby is three years old!  I’ve recently started to participate in I Heart Faces weekly challenges.  I love doing them because they really challenge my creativity with the different themes they choose.  The one coming up next week is ‘Red’ to  help spread the word about the cause ‘Go Red for Women’.  I immediately knew I wanted to use Abby as my model because even as a two year old she still knew how to work the camera.  I was not disappointed.  It’s going to be hard choosing which one to enter.

Abby LOVES horses.  This was not my original plan for where the shoot would take place, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Nice face, Abby.

One of my favorites.

Another one of my favorites…

…and this one.

I’m *in love* with this one.  🙂

Which one is your favorite?


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Meet Isabella!  She is quite possibly the daintest little thing I’ve ever photographed, with little bird-like features that were a photographer’s dream.  She did so well during the shoot.  I got some of the best wide-eyed pictures, and then she was nice enough to drift off to sleep and even let me put the beautiful headband (flower made by the fabulous Hannah B.) in her hair.  And talk about hair!  I’m pretty sure the girl I’m carrying won’t have half of what Isabella has.  That is why I love newborn shoots so much, every baby is completely unique and beautiful.

The is the second baby in a row that has given me the “get that camera out of my face” look.  Should I be worried?


Look at those lips!

Congrats, Melissa!  She is beautiful!

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Josiah Pierce–newborn

Meet Josiah Pierce, the newest addition to the street I live on.  He is the youngest of 5 kids, and completely adorable.  His expressions are priceless, hard to believe he was only 8 days old when these pictures were taken.  I was in love with the little newborn crease above his nose and those pouty lips!  Thank you, Lisa and Jonathan for letting me come and play with him! 

I am so glad I made this cocoon last year.  It seems anytime I have a newborn that isn’t too happy, I just plop them in this, and they conk out.


Well..they conk out long enough to get some cute shots.

Sometimes props just done work. 

Look at those lips!

Say what?!

I also couldn’t get enough of his chubby little chin.  🙂

We tried to get Katie to give her little brother a kiss…which she did.  Only it was the fastest kiss known to man.  Here’s what I got…

And this is what I got from the little man…

I love my job.


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Kendrah + Chris

I am so honored to have been able to photograph Kendrah and Chris’s New Year’s Day wedding.  These two have been through so much in the past year.  You may remember them from the Cherubs shoot I did back in June when Kendrah was pregnant with litle Oz.  Tragically, Oz lost his battle with CDH only hours after he was born.  I then witnessed the most selfless act I’ve ever seen when Kendrah asked me to photograph Oz’s memorial service so that the photographs could be used in the Cherubs awareness campaign.  So when Kendrah told me she and Chris were getting married there was no way I was going to miss it.  I LOVED their intimate ceremony.  It was held the same place we did the Cherubs shoot, which almost gave it a haunting vibe.  Not in a scary way…you could just feel Oz’s presence all around us.  It was truly beautiful.  🙂

Butterflies were all around, despite the snow on the ground.

Wedding this way.

Kendrah used lanterns instead of flowers.  So creative!

Oz watched from the front of the ceremony.

As soon as the ceremony started it began raining (good luck, right).  Space was tight, so I wasn’t able to move around like I normally would.  Didn’t matter, though.  I got some really sweet close ups.

A ‘just married’ high five.  🙂

Now for some artsy photos.  Kendrah’s style couldn’t have gone better with the scenery.  There was a fog that lingered on the water that made the shots more dramatic.

Nice face, Chris.  Bump her forehead too hard?

Check out Kendrah’s tights!

One of the groomsmen being insprired by the scenery…and the lanterns.

We did an impromtu ‘awkward prom’ photo session.

Love the drama.  🙂

Congrats Kendrah and Chris!


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Isabella–sneak peak!

More to come!


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