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Caroline and Fletcher

A few weeks ago I photographed Caroline and Fletcher (and their parents) for some Christmas pictures.  What a couple of cuties!  Caroline is in my mom’s preschool class and just adorable.  Check out her dimples!  Fletcher is a character.  I’ve never seen a little toddler able to sit still and hold a smile for a camera like he did.  I know my parents were lucky to get any pictures of me, and half of them are either me running away or putting my dress over my head.  😉

I think this one is the winner.

Mother and daughter.  🙂

Caroline wanted a picture with the planter she made.


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Caroline and Fletcher–sneak peak!

More to come!

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Poppie turns 91!

Today I got to experience a true Italian birthday.  My friend Sonja’s grandfather turned 91, and I got to document the occasion.  This family is full of life…from the youngest to the oldest.  It truly was an honor being there.  I had a blast!

Happy Birthday Poppie!


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