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Cake baking with Mamaw :)

I think every girl has that one special memory with their grandmother.  With my ‘Moremamma’, it’s making crafts, with my ‘Mamaw’, it’s baking a cake.  Not just any cake…a chocolate cake with homemade caramel icing.  I hadn’t made one with her in years, and now that I’m doing the photography thing, I thought it was only appropriate to document it 🙂

Papaw decided to be the stand in photographer 🙂

So did Mamaw 🙂

Another shot by Papaw.

He was really getting into the camera.

Anyone who knows Mamaw, knows she uses plastic bags to store food in when you have to travel with it.  All in good reason. 🙂

Time for a Mamaw and Papaw photoshoot.

I love you both!


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