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Man…I forgot how much I love photographing this little model.  Abby is the girl from my infamous ‘lipstick shoot’.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since that shoot, and now Abby is three years old!  I’ve recently started to participate in I Heart Faces weekly challenges.  I love doing them because they really challenge my creativity with the different themes they choose.  The one coming up next week is ‘Red’ to  help spread the word about the cause ‘Go Red for Women’.  I immediately knew I wanted to use Abby as my model because even as a two year old she still knew how to work the camera.  I was not disappointed.  It’s going to be hard choosing which one to enter.

Abby LOVES horses.  This was not my original plan for where the shoot would take place, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Nice face, Abby.

One of my favorites.

Another one of my favorites…

…and this one.

I’m *in love* with this one.  🙂

Which one is your favorite?



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Save the Cherubs–sneak peak!


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Last night was the dress rehearsal for Eddie Mabry Talent.  Two of Sonja’s daughters are dancers in the show, and Sonja asked me to photograph this as soon as I got my camera.  I took ballet when I was 4, and let’s just say I didn’t get my rythmn until much later in life.  Even though it was absolutely crazy backstage, a part of me hopes that if Andy and I have a daughter, that she’ll be a dancer…or at least try it for a year like I did.  🙂

Getting ready…

Quick practice

Ta Da!  B-e-a-utiful!

On to the show!

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This weekend my cousins from middle Tennessee came into Maryville to visit with family.  Jennifer has been asking me to photograph her two kids for months now, and Mandy just got married to Chris…in VEGAS…so this seemed like the perfect time for a huge photo shoot.

I forgot how much fun honeysuckle is!

Now for some of the newly married Regen family.  🙂  Starting with Keaton…

Wardrobe change for Kate.

I love this picture of Beau.

Mandy wanted some ‘non posed’ group pictures…well I’ve never done that with such a large group, so I just had them stand there and start interacting.  Mandy got left out at first 😦

Thanks guys, this was a blast!  I love you!


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Brenton and Thatcher

I have been dying to photograph these 2 little boys for months.  Both of their parents went to Alcoa (Go Tornadoes!), and Michael now teaches at the elementary school with my mom.  I kept telling Michael and Heather how awesome it was for them to have 2 boys that looked basically opposite.  Brenton has brown hair, brown eyes.  Thatcher has blonde hair, blue eyes.  It’s a photographer’s dream!  So yesterday morning we went over to my aunt and uncle’s brand spankin’ new house.  Their property has an unbelievable view.  🙂

The only picture with my props.  With kids…you just gotta role with it.

After about 3 shots, I noticed the vine growing up the tree was poison ivy.  Whoops!

Now for some cute family pics.

Thanks, Heather and Michael!  I had a blast!  🙂


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The weather today is borderline summerlike.  It’s 85 degrees outside right now with bright sunny skies.  I often get these little ‘inspirations’ for photoshoots, and because of the marvelous patient person I am…I have to do them right now.  Good thing I’ve got neighbors with kids.  The latest creative endeavor–bubbles.  This was so much fun!

Bubble catching requires great concentration.

Nice when you have a random couch in your yard you’re getting rid of to use as a prop.  Thanks Sonja!

“Miss Martha Cate, get a picture of me skipping away.”  I love this picture.  It’s so Hannah.

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McKenzie, Caleb, and Peyton

Today I spent the afternoon playing with following around Darin and Heather’s kids.  Darin and Heather own Metrogreenscape.  You may remember them from the Alice in Wonderland post earlier this month.  They have three children, McKenzie, Caleb, and Peyton.  I was dying to photograph them because all three have amazing blue eyes.  The day couldn’t have been more beautiful!

Darin with the girls 🙂

At first Caleb told me he wasn’t going to get his picture taken so I put on the telephoto lens to get some shots.

Landscapers get creative with their props.

These kids just look at me, and they’re cute.

Look at those teeth!

I think this sums up what it’s like trying to get a group picture with 3 kids 4 and under. 😉

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