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Zoo!–sneak peak



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Talia–3 months

This weekend I’m up in Maryland doing various shoots.  The first one was photographing 3 month old Talia.  I have photographed her since she was in Jenn’s belly back in January.  Most recently was her newborn shoot, where she amazed me acting like a one month old when she was only 12 days old.  Well, consider me amazed again, because this baby is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen.  As soon as I walked in she started smiling at me and didn’t stop the whole time I was there.  🙂

I love it when babies give me this look…

This dress has been in Jenn’s family for YEARS.

Discovering her hands.  🙂

Big sister, Sophie.

The lip!

Smiling to the very end.  🙂


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Ruppert Banquet

Yesterday I made a QUICK trip up to Maryland for the annual Ruppert banquet.  Anyone who works for or knows of Ruppert Landscaping knows how wild and crazy these things can get.  Even though I’m not one of the ‘crazy’ ones, it’s fun to see everybody…and also to get dressed up!

This first series of pictures is Maria finding whoever happened to be walking down the hallway, grabbing them, and getting a picture with them.

Not a random guy…these 2 just got engaged!

Rare photo of Andy and I.  Taken by Jemelle.

Another newly engaged couple.

These next 2 taken by Maria.  Blurry?  Yes.  Capturing the emotions of the moment?  Definately.

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This weekend I travelled up to Maryland with my neighbor to do my very first maternity session with my friend, Jenn.  Jenn recruited me 3 years ago to intern at Chapel Valley Landscape Company for that summer…the summer where I met my husband!  It was so much fun catching up with her, and photographing her adorable belly 🙂

Thanks Jenn and Patt 🙂


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