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It’s a baby shower!

Welcome to part 2 of Lindsey’s baby project.  Back in July I photographed the gender reveal of her sweet baby boy.  A few weeks ago I photographed her ‘Under the Sea’ themed baby shower thrown by her mom and sister.  It was adorable.  I’m so thankful to be a part of Lindsey’s pregnancy journey because she is only 3 months ahead of me in my own pregnancy journey.  If I’ve got questions that I think might be too ‘stupid’ for my doctor, I can ask Lindsey.  It’s crazy how fast it seems to be going.  This past week I photographed her maternity session (look for pics soon), and before you know it, her little prince will be here!

I was lovin’ the cake.

Beautiful diaper cake and ‘lollipops’  made by Lemoni Applesauce Bowtique.

The guests begin arriving.

Lindsey arrives!

I love this picture.

Let the baby games begin!

The cake was, as my mom would say, ‘lish’!


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Avery’s 2nd Birthday Party!

Last month I photographed little Avery’s 2nd birthday party.  What a cutie!  His mom, Betsy, has cut my hair for years, and even though I live in South Carolina I can’t seem to part with her.  It was a gorgeous day for a pool party.  Crazy, because the weekend before, the lows were in the 40s.  Typical Tennessee weather!

Big sister, Maleigha’s present.

Maleigha opening up the present she got for Avery.

Now some photos with the new puppy.  🙂

The youngest party animal.

I will leave you with this incredible picture.  🙂

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It’s a baby shower–sneak peak!

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Happy Birthday, Steve!

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Steve Bellavita’s 60th SURPRISE birthday party.  I love this family.  Andy and I both live a good distance from our families, and while nobody could EVER replace them, it’s nice to be a part of another family’s lives like Andy and I are with the Bellavitas.  From Sonja’s kids, to Poppie’s last photos, and now Steve’s 60th birthday…I always have a blast.

I made the cake.  Thanks to South Carolina heat/humidity the icing kept melting.  At least it tasted good!

The rest of the spread…


And now…a lot of hug pictures.  Hey, he hadn’t seen some of these people in over 40 years!

Well, not this one…it’s his daughter.  🙂

Time to roast the birthday boy!

Pretty sure this story had to do with ‘little bald head’…you had to be there.

These two guys were always up to no good…

Sonja and Stephanie’s speeches.  Quite the tear jerkers, aren’t they?

The four amigos

Chef Brian!  The food was fantastic!

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Erin and Justin–Engagement Party

After Erin and Justin’s engagement shoot, it was party time!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the night.

Favorite picture of the night.  🙂

And the dessert shot signals the end of my job…

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Poppie turns 91!

Today I got to experience a true Italian birthday.  My friend Sonja’s grandfather turned 91, and I got to document the occasion.  This family is full of life…from the youngest to the oldest.  It truly was an honor being there.  I had a blast!

Happy Birthday Poppie!


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Birthday party…Baumann style

Last night I got to photograph the birthday party of Pam Baumann. I lived next door to the Baumanns’ for nearly all of my childhood. We go WAAAY back, so I was thrilled when I was asked to take pictures of the event. Pam has five children and EIGHT grand-children…all very young. Sometimes I got sidetracked just watching them and then remembered I was supposed to be taking pictures 🙂

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