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Caroline–newborn–sneak peak!

More to come!


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Caroline and Fletcher–sneak peak!

More to come!

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The Bledsoe Family

It seems like lately I’m having more and more high school reunions.  The last post was with Erin, and this one is the Bledsoe family.  Brooke and I have known each other since 1st grade (her mom was my teacher for three years).  When I look back at ‘kid’ Brooke, I think of her with LONG blonde hair pulled back in a braided pony tail.  Brooke, did I ever tell you how jealous I was of your hair?  Hah!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I photographed the entire Bledsoe family…which isnt’ all Bledsoe anymore.  Brooke has been married for five years, and her and her husband recently built a new house.  They have lots of land, which made for some great pictures.  🙂

We started out with some ‘posed’ pictures on the front porch.

Then we moved into the field…let the fun begin.

This one was really hard for them.  Did anyone know the sun is extremely blinding?

Now some pictures of Brooke and Nathan.  🙂

I had a lot of fun with textures.

Look at that house!


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Erin and Wes

A few weeks ago I got to photograph my high school friend, Erin’s engagement shoot with her fiance’, Wes.  Boy are these two in love!  They are adorable!  Erin is still the fun, bubbly girl she was in high school.  It was great to see her again, and especially to see her so happy.  Not to mention she is a labor and delivery nurse, so we spent most of the shoot talking about babies and birth.  Wes, you were such a trooper.  😉

Cades Cove was the perfect location!

Honk honk!

Congrats Erin and Wes!  Can’t wait until April!  🙂

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Drew and Caroline

Ahhhh…I finally got to photograph my first redheads.  Not to mention they are family!  My cousin Joy has two gorgeous kids with her husband, Will.  Joy is also the owner of Dandylions Gifts, a cute little stationary boutique in downtown Maryville, TN.  Invitations anyone?  Anyway, I have been anxious to photograph these two cuties, so I was obviously thrilled when Joy asked me to take some Fall pictures as well as some potential Christmas card pics.  The shoot was great, even with miss Caroline being a little diva towards the end.  😉

Time for some Christmas pics.  🙂

Sometimes, divas can make great photos.

Yeah.  She was done.

Treat time!


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The Bradburn Family

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the Bradburn family again.  Brenton and Thatcher are two of the most adorable boys I’ve ever met.  They have the cutest personalities and facial expressions (check out Brenton’s ‘pirate smile’).  Michael is also becoming quite the photographer.  I’m super excited for him to do my maternity shoot in a few months.  🙂

I know, I know…enough with the little kids in chairs.


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Triple Blessed

Wow.  Last month I photographed my cousins’ new triplet girls.  Talk about a challenging shoot.  Newborn shoots are hard enough, but adding two more babies is almost near impossible.  It’s funny, I can always tell first time parents from ‘veterans’ when I do a newborn shoot…however, Ashley and Marshall acted like pros.  They just rolled with everything, and you can tell how blessed they feel to have three beautiful girls.  Faith, Abigail, and Mckenna…you girls are so lucky to have such wonderful parents.  🙂

Little Abigail

Faith had to get swaddled twice.  The first time she almost escaped.

Mckenna watching Abigail sleep

I call this picture, ‘rolling with the punches’.

Abigail wasn’t feeling the headband.  😦

That’s better.



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