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Today I got to take pictures of Jessica and Jeremy’s son, Harper. Jessica is one of my closest friends (her dad married Andy and I!). I haven’t seen Harper since he turned one last February. Boy has he grown!

Harper’s shirt…’Peace, Love, and Cookies’


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Birthday party…Baumann style

Last night I got to photograph the birthday party of Pam Baumann. I lived next door to the Baumanns’ for nearly all of my childhood. We go WAAAY back, so I was thrilled when I was asked to take pictures of the event. Pam has five children and EIGHT grand-children…all very young. Sometimes I got sidetracked just watching them and then remembered I was supposed to be taking pictures 🙂

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Boys will be boys…

Today I got to take pictures of my nephews…what a blast! Amy asked if I would take some pictures of the boys while Andy and I were in town, and of course I said yes. Immediately I thought of putting crazy amounts of gel in their hair and just letting them go wild. We decided to do some ‘normal’ photos first…

After some cute family pictures we decided it was time for the gel.  I think Blake was really feelin it.

Gel brings out the crazy in you!

Blake at age 15.

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